Contemporary Chinese Medicine

Isolated from the Western world the Chinese have long preserved and further improved their highly sophisticated ancient intellectual edifice. It is characterized by a specific holistic approach.

The Western medicine searches for organ modifications, analyses the consistency of blood or traces the “agents”. Its basic principles are anatomy (study of the structure of living beings) and histology (study of the tissue or tissue systems). Therefore, it is a substance-related science, a somatic medicine.

By contrast, the Chinese Medicine examines movements, dynamic and physical matters and functions. The findings of Chinese physicians are direct statements on physical functions and their disorders without expressive reference to organs or nerves or the circulation. Therefore, Chinese Medicine is predominantly suitable for healing functional disorders (the majority of our Western disease patterns!). However, these are exactly those diseases for which the Western medicine often does not come to coherent findings (Prof. M. Porkert).

The best of two worlds

“Contemporary” Chinese Medicine considers Western and Far Eastern medicine not as competitors but as excellent partners. Even if to date I practice Chinese Medicine up to 95%
I integrate my knowledge as trained conventional practitioner into my diagnostics and therapy so as to give the patient the best of two worlds.

Chinesische Medizin für die westliche Welt
(in English: Chinese Medicine for the Western World)

is the title of a book by Dr. Christian Schmincke, chief physician at the Klinik am Steigerwald (Chinese private hospital in Gerolzhofen, Germany). He indicates with this title that the kind of Chinese Medicine we practice is tailored to the needs of our Western civilisation.
It is the merit of Professor Manfred Porkert and Dr. Fritz Friedl that the so-called “Traditional” Chinese Medicine (adapted medicine tailored to the needs of the Chinese people in correspondence with their former habits) has been adapted to our living conditions and has consequently been optimised.

This is what I perceive as “Contemporary“ interpretation of Chinese Medicine, as necessary adaption of an intelligent, holistic and excellent medical system.

Beyond our “assembly line society” and particularly our “assembly line medicine” you will find not only an intelligent diagnostics and therapy system in Chinese Medicine but moreover an attentive interaction with the counterpart where there is always enough room and time for conversation.

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