Introduction of myself, my experience, approach and practice

I have been interest in Chinese Medicine since 1987. My focus is on the treatment of chronic, complex and complicated diseases. I have received professional training as a “conventional medical practitioner” (Specialist in General Medicine, additional title Alternative Medicine, DCH University of Cape Town – South Africa) in Germany and South Africa and for 14 years I have been working almost exclusively according to “Chinese Medicine”.

During my studies in Munich in 1987 I got into contact with the so-called “Traditional Chinese Medicine” for the first time in the context of lectures held at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University.

In the course of my intensive, very practical-oriented and very informative trainings in South African hospitals I experienced that our conventional allopathy has many shortcomings with regard to chronic diseases. When I returned to the schoolbooks on Chinese Medicine, I retrieved my enthusiasm for this old philosophic and medical science. I had the feeling that this approach makes more sense than others and started my practical training in acupuncture at the SAMAS (South African Medical Acupuncture Society) in South Africa.
In 1994, I decided to discontinue my training as paediatric at the University of Cape Town and to return to Germany to dedicate myself to my training in Chinese Medicine.

In 1995, I made the acquaintance of Dr. Fritz Friedl and have worked ever since according to the “Technique of the 4 fields”, a contemporary interpretation of Chinese Medicine adapted to our Western civilisation and way of life.

My one-year stay as outpatient physician at the Klinik am Steigerwald gave me the opportunity to gain adequate practical experience for my following establishment in Bayreuth (1997 – 2004 Private Practice for Chinese Medicine).

During my time in Bayreuth, I specialised in the treatment of chronic, complex and complicated disease patterns. In support of and in addition to the Chinese pharmaceutical therapy and acupuncture I apply

abrosia methods (F.X. Mayr therapy) and manual methods (acupuncture massage according to Radloff and the Bowen-Technique).

In September 2004, I emigrated to the east coast of Australia, opened a practice in Alstonville (Private Practice for Integrated Contemporary Chinese Medicine) and was strongly influenced by the Osho philosophy & meditation during this time. In my own in-house pharmacy I had the opportunity to get to know the fine art of decoction preparation.

After my return to Germany in September 2007, I spent 15 months at the Klinik Silima near Rosenheim, the private hospital of my teacher Dr. Fritz Friedl (doing predominantly outpatient activities as well as inpatient care). This experience gave me again the opportunity to complete and improve my knowledge about Chinese Medicine.

For several years I have worked as supervisor and lecturer (training series for physicians in Contemporary Chinese Medicine) for the DECA (Society for the documentation of experiences with Chinese pharmaceuticals).

On 31 January 2009 I reopened my private practice for “Contemporary” Chinese Medicine in Bayreuth.

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