In my lectures I want to communicate perceptions and knowledge beyond the „normal“, established conventional approach and demonstrate that there are not only very precise diagnostic possibilities but also effective and sustainable treatment strategies with the help of Chinese Medicine.

Lecture index:

- Treatment of polyneuropathy (PNP)
- Shingles and postzoster neuralgia
- Back pain: origin and treatment
- Sleep disorders
- Treating menopausal complaints effectively without hormones
- Chronic fatigue: origins and treatment strategies
- Anxiety and panic attacks
- Prevention of heart attacks and strokes
- Treating disturbance of perfusion effectively
- Treating prostatism without surgery
- Treating headaches (including long-persisting migraine)
- Joint pain (arthritis and rheumatic diseases)
- Shoulder pain

- Treatment of children:
“Dig your well before you're thirsty”

An early and timely treatment of diseases during infancy prevents later complications and facilitates a harmonic development.

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